The New tado° Smart Thermostat is Here! - New Set-Up, New Design

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First of all a big THANK YOU to all of you for your support and your feedback! With your help and a lot of passion we have released a brand new generation of our smart heating control - in short: the new tado° Smart Thermostat is here!

How Does Our Smart Heating Control Work?

The basic functionality of our smart heating control has not changed. The tado° hardware is intrinsically tied into the tado° smartphone App. The system senses automatically via Geolocation services when the last person leaves home. Then tado° begins to turn down the heat in order to save energy. As soon as one of the residents begins the journey home the heat is increased again - automatically. This means that nobody comes back to a cold home. Also the weather forecast and building properties such as insulation are taken into account in order to guarantee that the heating is controlled as efficiently as possible. You can always keep track with the help of the Mobile and the Web App reports.

What’s New?

New Set-Up

The set-up of the Smart Thermostat is a little bit different to the former tado° Connector Kit. Up until now there was the tado° Box and a separate temperature sensor. The new Smart Thermostat as the heart of tado° replaces any wired room thermostat. If you do not have a wired room thermostat you would need the Extension Kit in addition then the Smart Thermostat can be mounted anywhere since it’s wireless.

Increased Compatibility

What we are proud of: The new Smart Thermostat now connects with even more heating systems than ever; it supports over 5000 different systems from 290 manufacturers. The new tado° Smart Thermostat replaces existing thermostats, even those which currently run on batteries. Heating systems with no thermostat can also use tado° with the help of the tado° Extension Kit.

New Design

Our design has taken a big leap forwards: The Smart Thermostat has been outfitted with an LED-matrix display allowing for direct interaction with the tado° system. The Smart Thermostat seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle without attracting unnecessary attention because the display only becomes visible when the main button is pressed.

New Prices

In addition we have reduced our prices in order to make it easier for you to get in: If you decide to order before the 1st of December you can rent tado° for 6.99 € a month instead of the previous 8.25 € per month, or you can buy it outright for 249 €.
If you don’t have a room thermostat you will need the tado° Extension Kit in addition to the tado° Smart Thermostat, which you can also either rent or buy.

All of our existing customers already renting tado° will also benefit from our new lower prices. Just check your email inbox and you’ll see a mail from us with further details.

Why are you waiting? Winter is coming!

You’ll get further information here: Learn more


Christian Deilmann

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