Stories - Customer Reviews

Foto Tanja Bülter

"The most intuitive way to save energy"

Tanja Bülter - TV host & ambassador of the Clean Tech Media Award

"I liked tado° from the start. It warms up the apartment just when you need it and energy is saved when nobody is at home. It's finally possible to lower the energy consumption without having to invest much. Therefore I support the tado° team and wish them all the best for their launch !"

"tado° just feels good"

Marion Krawitz - Doctor, actor and active beta user

"My life as a doctor and actor usually follows a very irregular schedule. Day and night shifts come and go and then I could be travelling for a couple of days. tado° perfectly adapts to this, it's warm when I get home and I don't have to remember to turn down the heating before I leave. It's nice that tado° gets to know me so well."

Foto Mairon Krawitz

Foto Till Kreiler

"Good-bye old-fashioned heating control"

Till Kreiler - Has been using tado° from the start

"With tado° I can bypass all that old-fashioned heating technology and control it in a way that it suits my needs. On top this doesn’t happen based on intangible parameters but instead pure temperature. This is what I understand and I don’t have to worry about anything."

"Warm when you need it"

Florian Buddemeier - Always on the move and passionate beta user

"I've been a tado° beta user since February 2012. Due to my irregular daily schedule my old thermostat never reached the right temperature are the right time. Now it's nice and warm when I get home."


Fritz Welter

"Saves money and energy"

Fritz Welter - Runs an office space and uses tado° to keep it warm

"Since we've been using tado° the temperature is always comfortable in our shared office space even if someone stays longer than the regular business hours. I can monitor the heating system from my home and while I'm on the way. tado° takes care of the rest and this saves us money and energy!"