We all love the summer, but sometimes dealing with the heat can be pretty tough for all ages. Here’s a list of some of our biggest summer bugbears, and naturally our solution! What do you think, did we miss something?

Coming home to a hot flat
You’ve been working hard all day, and you’re looking forward to coming home. But as soon as you step through the front door a wave of hot air envelops you. That’s the moment when you almost wish you stayed at work!

Being too hot to sleep
Sometimes it’s hard to get a comfortable and consistent sleeping temperature in the summer. Your AC struggles to maintain a steady cool temperature and you often find it’s either too hot or too cold – both of which wake you up!

Forgetting the AC on all day
Let’s face it, many of us have no idea how much electricity our AC uses up. But sometimes it’s easy to tell that it has a ravenous power appetite. If you’re like us and sometimes forget to turn the AC off when going out for the day, you’ll soon notice the hefty utility bills jumping up!

Leaving your pet at home in the heat
You wouldn’t leave your dog in the car on a scorching day, so why do so many people leave their pets at home all day without AC to cool them? Imagine being stuck with a thick layer of fur on throughout the summer and no way to escape a baking hot home!

Too humid
When it’s too hot and humid, our bodies are less efficient at releasing heat which means we sweat – a lot. It’s unavoidable outside, but it shouldn’t be a problem at home!

The solution
Fortunately there is a solution to these problems. The tado° Smart AC Control uses your phone’s location to ensure that the AC automatically switches off when the last person leaves home and begins to pre-cool again when it detects the first person returning. This means you’re saving when you’re out, while always returning to a cool home.

You can also set smart schedules to ensure the temperature of your home is perfect for you, your family, flatmates or pets. Moreover, because tado° connects your AC to the internet, you can control your air conditioning anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.

Is the temperature hotter than expected and you left your dog at home without any AC? No problem; give your home a blast of cool air from the comfort of your office. tado° is designed to provide enhanced comfort, convenience and savings while keeping things nice and simple.


Control from anywhere

Smart Schedule

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