President Obama’s bold announcement to cut America’s power sector emissions by 32 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030 has repercussions around the world, reminding us that we can all play our part. Whether using power from fossil fuels or clean energy, there are many simple steps we can take at home to reduce our carbon footprint while saving money at the same time.

More than a third of the world’s energy is consumed for the heating and cooling of buildings. While hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted every year on heating and cooling empty homes, we have recently developed the Smart AC Control that can reduce air conditioning energy use by up to 40%.

Just like its famous brother, the Smart Thermostat for heating systems that Europeans have been enjoying since 2012, the Smart AC Control enables you to live more sustainably while experiencing a whole new level of comfort.


With a geo-aware app, tado° senses when the last person leaves the house and automatically switches off the air conditioner without you having to lift a finger. It also pre-cools before you get back so you’ll never again return to a hot home. A summer like no other is waiting for you! The best thing is that you’re contributing to a greener environment while also saving money.

No matter where you are – on the commute, on vacation or at work – with the tado° app on your phone you always know what’s up at home and you can easily change the settings. The sleek and elegant tado° device blends into the ambience of your home, while offering a matrix LED display and capacitive touch interface for quick and easy manual adjustments.

tado° is an easy plug & play solution, you don’t have to be a techie to set it up. It connects to your air conditioner via infrared and links to the internet using your home WiFi – no additional cabling or special gateway needed.

In New York alone we aim to smarten up 100,000 AC units by June 2016, reducing energy consumption without giving up an inch of our cool comforts. Click here to get more information about our #smartNYC campaign and here to see the full product. Don’t wait, act now!

Kurt ‘CyberGuy’ Knutsson - Fox News

“tado° is a new way to control ACs and we really, really just love this because of the cost savings and it just totally makes sense!”

Mike Prospero - Tomsguide

“For those looking to save money on their cooling bill this summer, it could be just the thing.”

JC Torres Slashgear

“The tado° Smart AC control fits any type of home AC unit and gives it a bit of a brain.”

Zara Ali - ubergizmo

“For all those who are still struggling with their old not-so-smart air conditioners, tado° has come up with a revolutionary product that will turn your old school AC into a smart device.”

Adam Balkin - NY1

“tado° Device and App Really Know How to Keep Things Cool.”

Drew Prindle - Digitaltrends

“Wouldn’t it be nice if your air conditioner could tell when you’re on your way home and use that information to start cooling down your pad before you got back? Well, there’s good news on that front. Thanks to German startup Tado, that’s now a possibility… ”