Are you #FromThePast?

Check your thermostat!

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Are you #FromThePast?

Check your thermostat. It might be from the Stone Age.

Some things should never change. Some things definitely should. Did you know that conventional
thermostats are wasting energy and money? Bring your heating to the 21st century!

Time for an update: conventional thermostats are relicts of the Stone Age

Historians were able to trace the use of heating and thermostats back to 790,000 B.C.

Compare your heating control options:

Wood-heated CampfireConventional Thermostattado° Smart Thermostat
Sinceca. 790,000 B.C.a very long time21st century
Keeps you warm
Sets a specific temperature
Saves up to 31% of your heating bills
Energy savings guarantee
Control from anywhere
Location-based heating control
Heats according to the weather forecast
Listens to your voice

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Are you #FromThePast?

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Save up to 31%

on your heating bills with tado°

The Smart Thermostat

tado° uses your phone’s location to cut your heating bill.