The new Boiler Repair Services are here

by tado° |
With the swipe of a finger you can now contact a tado° Installer through our app and let them take good care of your heating system.

IFA 2017: tado° launches the new Smart Climate Assistant

by Christian Deilmann | ,
Today tado° presented its next generation software at IFA in Berlin - transforming tado° into the Smart Climate Assistant.

The new report is here

by tado° |
The latest update of the tado° app now has a new report for all zones, as well as more transparency regarding the heat requested from each zone.

Save even more with tado° - Open Window Detection is here

by tado° |
The new Open Window Detection recognizes sudden drops in temperature or humidity when a window is opened and turns the heating off to save energy.

tado° IFTTT Service Update

by tado° |
Introducing new and improved IFTTT services and options for setting duration of individual actions.