Munich, 12.09.2019 – tado°, the European leader in intelligent home climate management, today officially launches its new Software as a Service (SaaS) product: tado° 360. Empowering energy utilities and heating service companies, tado° 360 remotely monitors the health of a home’s heating system and collects diagnostics that can be used by engineers for faster, more efficient repairs and maintenance. This saves both the home owner and heating service company time and money, offering a new level of customer experience. Leaders in the energy and home service industry, such as E.ON, ENGIE, Naturgy, and OVO Energy, trust in tado° solutions today.

How the industry currently works

The £66B European heating repair market¹ covers over 220M homes in the EU² and has not seen many innovations in the last few decades. The process to repair a customer’s heating system has remained largely static until today. The home owner returns from work and realises that the boiler is broken. After a freezing night and a cold shower the next morning, a heating engineer is contacted to examine the boiler. Typically after the onsite inspection, the engineer orders the necessary spare parts and leaves. Once the parts have arrived, the engineer then arranges a new meeting and drives out a second time to actually fix the heating system. The process results in a frustrating experience as the customer can endure days without heating or hot water, plus an interruption to their schedule.

The tado° disruption

The new tado° SaaS product now revolutionises this process by reducing customer callouts from a European average of two to one, and in many cases this can even be reduced to none.³ The tado° Smart Thermostat connects to the customer’s boiler and establishes a digital two-way connection for both control and analysis. It allows energy utilities and heating service companies to remotely monitor the health of the boiler by analysing metrics such as water pressure, pump speed, and error codes.

Millions of boilers break down annually with the average repair bill costing around £270.⁴ tado° 360 uses intelligent algorithms for predictive maintenance and simple actionable resolutions. When tado° detects an issue, detailed insights are relayed so the heating service company knows exactly what the problem is and can solve many issues directly on the phone. If an engineer needs to drive out to a home, they already know which replacement parts to bring in order to repair the heating system on the first visit. This saves both the customer and the heating service company time and money. Furthermore, the heating service company can now improve scheduling, and complete more jobs within the same time. 

“tado° 360 helps heating service companies to comprehensively monitor the heating systems in their customers’ homes 24/7,” explains Christian Deilmann, Co-founder and CPO at tado°. “Our service represents a step change in the way this market operates and opens up new possibilities for energy companies to transition into holistic and highly-efficient energy service providers.”

Europe’s largest utilities are convinced

Yoann Martin, Director of Product and Engineering at Kaluza, OVO Group’s intelligent energy platform, says: “We are delighted to be working with tado°; their products have great potential to decarbonise the European heating market by enabling tech-centric customer propositions. tado° 360 demonstrates how smart software has the power to solve efficiency challenges at scale and transform the customer experience. tado° joins Kaluza’s growing ecosystem of innovative partners and we look forward to exploring new opportunities with them that will help shape an intelligent, zero carbon future.”

Dr. Frank Meyer, SVP B2C Solutions & E-Mobility at E.ON SE, says: “Our goal is to become a leading energy solutions company by working with customers, communities, and companies to make energy simple, smarter, and more sustainable. Together with strong partners like tado° we offer more to our customers and make the energy transition easy and comfortable for everyone.”

Utilities and home service providers are shifting ever more into the heating services sector to offer more holistic energy solutions. With ENGIE and Thermondo already using tado° 360 today, the new SaaS product is available via a browser-based web portal or can be accessed through an API. tado° 360 works with over 16,000 European heating systems from over 900 heating manufacturers, making it the only cross-manufacturer platform.

Additional partner quotes:

ENGIE, Digital Managing Director, Olivier Sala:

“ENGIE invests 100M euros each year into impactful software to ensure that we are at the forefront of digital innovation for both the good of the planet and our customers. Integrating tado°’s remote monitoring capability into our solutions for smart homes, we unlock significant savings on our maintenance interventions and decrease our operating costs. Concurrently, our customers benefit from quicker repairs and less disruption to their week.”

Thermondo, CEO & Founder, Philipp Pausder:

“Thermondo customers benefit from heat as a one-stop service. The customer, for example, can contract our t1. boiler for a very economical monthly amount. We completely take care of the installation, operation and energy supply including customer service, maintenance and repairs – all in one installment. For such an offer, tado° remote maintenance software 360 is an essential component. It allows us to manage our operations much more efficiently while offering a significantly-improved service level.”


(1) Based on 220m European homes with a continent-wide annual average of £302 spent on boilers, maintenance, and repairs (calculated on a sample of 100,000 users)

(2) Statista

(3) Based on data from tado° pilot partners which serve more than 5 million repairs per year

(4) Which?