Just a few weeks to go before the heating season, and we are thrilled to introduce a new generation of our Smart Thermostat as well as the arrival of Smart Radiator Thermostats for multi-room control – both with extended platform connectivity, including Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo.

tado°’s founders Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz and Leopold von Bismarck share their thoughts on how to take the lead in this fast growing market.

Smart climate is the beating heart of the smart home

Leopold: The true smart home provides us with increased comfort, convenience and efficiency. To achieve that it has become obvious that the starting point cannot be a platform. Category leading products, most likely from different expert brands, are poised to find mass adoption first as they address specific needs and succeed in meeting customers’ high expectations regarding quality. During the last couple of years smart thermostats have emerged as the centerpiece in any connected home. In this product category we have already achieved true smartness which enables us to live a more modern and sustainable lifestyle. The customer profits from improved comfort but, most importantly, from the unique tangible benefit of saving money through unmatched efficiency.

Platforms from trusted brands for future-proof interoperability are a key driver for adoption

Johannes: In addition to specific product use cases, a unified app interface, simple installation, sharing functionalities among products and enjoying effortless interaction, such as voice control, cater to users’ desire for simplicity and convenience. A few big platform players with high endorsement value are now emerging to address this desire. Hence we see that “vertical champions” along with these major platforms will dominate the market. Therefore we have decided to focus on partnerships with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo and IFTTT as well as major telecom and utility companies. What does that feel like? The moment you leave your house, not only will your heating automatically turn down, but your lights will switch off and your doors will lock – or you may simply tell Amazon’s Alexa to turn up the temperature in the living room while sitting on the couch.

Meaningful integration with services make the best customer experience

Christian: Looking ahead we are certain that it’s the combination of products and services that provides the customer with the most convenience. If the heating is not running as smoothly as it should, the tado° app will send a notification and options to have it fixed. To make things even easier, we cooperate with trusted local heating installers in case professional maintenance is needed. Our partners can supervise their customers’ heating systems via the tado° remote service portal to take immediate action if necessary. Ultimately, the better services and products interact with one another, the more our vision of a true smart home becomes a reality.