With another sweltering summer on the horizon, tado° announces the Smart AC Control V2 to make summer more cool, comfortable, and eco-friendly. Shipping of the new product starts today.

Make your summer cool with tado°

2017 was officially the second hottest year on record and AC usage is becoming ever more prevalent. As air conditioners consume a significant amount of energy there is a real need for a more energy-efficient solution that does not compromise on comfort.

The brand new Smart AC Control V2 is packed with new software and the capabilities of the tado° Smart Climate Assistant. This includes tado° Geofencing technology to ensure that users always come back to a pre-cooled apartment while energy is never wasted when no one is at home, as well as Weather Adaptation for improved efficiency and comfort at home by integrating local weather forecasts. The Smart Climate Assistant’s activities are visualised in room-by-room daily Climate Reports and in a home’s monthly Energy Savings Report.

This new software combined with improved control algorithms reduces electricity bills at home more effectively than ever before, saving up to 40% on AC energy costs. For this reason, the Smart AC Control V2 comes with a 100-day Energy Savings Guarantee. During the first 100 days consumers can get a full refund if they feel tado° is not saving them enough on their energy bill (no questions asked).

Introducing the Smart Climate Assistant for your AC, taking better care of your home and saving up to 40%