Have you ever wondered why people don’t let their car running once they have parked it – don’t leave the water running when they finish showering – turn off the oven when the cookies are ready? Of course it’s good for the environment and lets you save some cash but here’s another reason: These every day conveniences are back on with just a flick of a switch – fast systems that were built to be instantly available for the comfort of everyone. So switching off doesn’t lower our quality of life.

In heating all of this is different. It just takes time for an apartment to warm up and no one want’s to come home and wait 30 minutes until the breath stops freezing. The underlying physical laws won’t be changed any time soon. So a simple switch might work for music, light or ice cream machines but it’s totally out of place to control your heating.

Almost 130 years after Warren S. Johnson invented the first thermostat we have not seen any disruptive innovation in the field of heating control. Interestingly enough the greek words “thermos” and “statos” basically mean “warm” and “static” implying that thermostats were built only to maintain a certain temperature level. Current devices come with 60-page manuals just to program “away” and “sleep” time periods. Does that solve the problem? No. What if you come home or leave earlier than you programmed? It’ll be either freezing or a waste of energy. And worst of it all: Most people have given up to program their thermostats letting their heating run all day.

We believe that the era of thermostats is over. That’s why tado° is building a lean product that dynamically controls your heating while it adapts to your life. It warms up your home early enough when you need it – every time you don’t it will save. It’s not static. It’s not a thermostat. It won’t let you change basic physical laws. But it’ll make you feel just like it.

tado° is a whole new way to control your heating. Stay tuned until we start shipping. You’ll love it!