THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED  – This article is in parts, or in its entirety, outdated.

Dear tado° customers,

We would like to share some background information about our recent product introduction and provide clarity to our community. Our vision that every building should be heated and cooled intelligently is what drives us every day to become better at what we do and to do it with our customers close to the heart.

The new V3+ Thermostats come with a new app and include new Skills such as Air Comfort. We built a customisable app as a result of customer surveys and hundreds of one-on-one interviews conducted with existing and potential users. From the feedback that we received, we learned that everyone uses tado° differently and that not all features are used by everyone. Hence we created flexibility for new customers by adding certain in-app services which can be booked optionally – such as Auto-Assist, boiler maintenance and repair jobs or installation services.

Ongoing revenues from value-added services after the initial product purchase enable our company to keep developing and maintaining apps & software, to pay fees for server infrastructure, weather data, air quality data, etc.

So what does this mean for existing customers? We provide two options: