Ecco il termostato intelligente tado° - con setup e design nuovissimi!

di Christian Deilmann |
Dal 2012 il nostro tado° ha già percorso tanta strada. Grazie ad i feedback ed il prezioso aiuto degli utenti, tado° è cresciuto ed oggi è ancora più “smart”, pronto per riscaldare anche le case italiane!

tado° hot water control now has a schedule

di tado° |
As of today, all tado° users who have the ability to control their boiler's hot water production will now find a new range of settings on the web app.

Fresh from the tado° Labs - Mobile Report is here

di tado° |
tado°s daily efforts to save energy and increase your comfort can now be monitored in the mobile report in the tado° app.

tado° Heating off mode - beauty sleep for your heating

di tado° |
Summer is just around the corner, temperatures are rising, everything is green, and flowers are blooming. Now you can send your heating system to its well-deserved summer break.

Unbox it. Install it. Relax.

di tado° |
Good news! Installing our intelligent heating control system tado° is just as easy as using it. In a few simple steps tado° is set up and ready to go.