Power plant technologies of the past decades were more or less exclusively based on steam- or gas turbine technology. Since these concepts become more efficient with increasing plant size, a landscape characterized by a few big utilities and power plants of several thousand mega watts emerged.

Today, the trend is clear. Given high efficiency on a small scale of uprising energy technologies, utilities have no longer an intrinsic technological advantage operating power plants over privately held owners. A decentralized production landscape is emerging. However, the biggest challenge in a decentralized energy system -largely based on intermittent energy sources- is management of producers, consumers and matching supply and demand. At tado° our hypothesis is that energy management companies could gain the importance as utilities had in the past.

Energy exchanges such as EEX will become real time market places where consumers and producers of any size are able to participate. The energy management service company will take away the burden of deciding constantly on efficient use, storage and feed-in of energy at any time. Best in class of these companies will differentiate themselves by sound understanding and integration of constantly changing customer behavior and intelligent optimization mechanisms.

Directly addressing these issues, tado° is a leading user centric energy management company that is on the verge of playing a pivotal role in tomorrow’s world of a sustainable and efficient energy system.

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