Grüezi tado° friends! As announced on our Facebook fanpage last Friday tado° travelled to Bern in Switzerland on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of myclimate is one of the world’s leading providers of voluntary carbon offsetting measures and projects. myclimate also conducts carbon assessments and creates awareness around climate change and climate protection in many education projects around the globe.

The ceremony took place on Bern’s very own Bundesplatz (Government Plaza) and was organized around a spectacular wrestling match between “Captain Climate” and his opponent “El Rey LOCo2″. Following the legendary victory of – who else could it be – Captain Climate, myclimate-CEO René Estermann awarded tado° with the international “Innovation Award 2012“. The evening was moderated by former Miss-Switzerland Christa Rigozzi who is an avid user of energy management solutions herself.

Thanks for this award. It’s been an outstanding anniversary!