Wow. Another year went by. Another 365 days full of progress and excitement. For tado° it was THE year and marked the beginning of something great. Let’s recap.

2012 began with a successful pilot phase. Around 50 households participated in this closed beta test. Most of the systems have been running in the field for over a year now. A big THANK YOU goes to our beta testers for all their great feedback that helped us a lot to improve our product.

Putting a marketable product out there became our main focus. That, however, was easier said than done: Shaping the tado° intelligence with our server algorithms, design of hardware devices and packaging, interaction and communication concept for mobile app, new homepage and webshop.

Of course bringing all these concepts and ideas to life, large scale production and logistics processes were tough ones. With a great team which is committed to work hard and the support of our two investors Target Partners and Shortcut Ventures we were able to finalize tado° just in time for the heating period. Then we launched on November 14th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The press was as curious about our product as our customers so we replied to tons of e-mails, phone calls, posts and tweets. During the first week of December the first tado°s were ready to be delivered.

Above all our customers love tado° as much as we do. Getting such feedback has been overwhelmingly rewarding:

“The installation was a piece of cake! It took me less than 10 minutes.” (Felix)

“What a great and useful idea.” (Nio)

“You really feel that the future has arrived once you open the package.” (Tobias)

“Big thanks to the great and friendly tado° support team.” (Patrick)

For now we hope you’ll enjoy a cozy Christmas and a happy new year 2013. With your support we will continue to push forward our mission to reduce energy consumption in private homes.

>> your tado° team