Hey tado° fans,

wondering how we came up with tado° as our company name? here’s the story!

all of you know the comfortable feeling when you get home from work or after a long trip. whether it is your family home or city apartment – the place seems to tell you: relax and make yourself “at home”. we believe that tado° will play a big role in anyone’s daily “coming home” experience. since tado° adapts to your life the moment you walk in you will feel that the air has recently been heated up – just for you. it instantly makes you feel cosy and at home. while you were gone tado° has managed your heating system to save as much energy as possible: good for your wallet and the environment.

So one day our team sat in a japanese restaurant having lunch. we thought about how we could name the company we were about to build – an often underestimated challenge. a friend who joined us for lunch mentioned the japanese word “tadaima” (ただいま。) which basically means “I’m back home”. It is used as a salutation when coming home to greet everyone who is already there. family members will usually reply “okaeri” (おかえり) which means “welcome back” to express their happiness about the returning friend. since we wanted the name to be concise, short and with as many vowels as possible we figured that tado° would be a good bet. so here we are with a name we hope all of you out there like as much as we do. let’s change the way people heat their homes – together. we are looking forward to it!

if you have any sort of feedback just drop us a note at beta@tado.com. we’ll get back asap…..