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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

tado° and AT&T Partner to Bring Smart Climate Control to Digital Life Platform
tado° to Showcase New Partnership along with Smart AC Control with Geolocation at CES

LAS VEGAS - January 5, 2016 - tado° (, a pioneer in smart climate control, today announced a partnership with AT&T to bring its industry leading smart climate control to AT&T‘s Digital Life platform. tado° will highlight the partnership at CES along with the latest version of its Smart AC Control, which makes air conditioning smarter and more efficient by regulating temperature via your smartphone. Attendees can find out more and test the Smart AC Control themselves by visiting tado° at the Sands Expo, Hall G - Booth #80948 (Eureka Park Marketplace). In addition, Jens Pohl, Head of Design at tado°, had been invited to speak on the “Design with a Purpose” panel as part of the AT&T Developer Summit on January 5 at 4 PM.

tado° continues to grow on a global scale, offering a solution to the millions of people with remote control AC units that aren’t covered by other smart thermostat solutions. This includes window, portable, and wall units in apartments and homes, as well as the energy-efficient mini split systems that are increasingly popular with contractors and homeowners alike. As part of its rapid growth, the company is identifying key home automation partners in order to extend its functionality to even more smart homes across the US and around the globe. The company zeroed in on AT&T as a key partner in both the US and the UK, with solutions to be made available in both countries in mid-2016.

“On a global scale we see intelligent climate control emerging as the center of any connected home. Through the partnership, AT&T can bring tado°'s unique functionality to its vast audience of consumers who are rapidly adopting the concept of the internet-connected home," said Christian Deilmann, CEO of tado°. "As we continue to grow, and integrate with connected home solutions like AT&T Digital Life, we’ll ensure that more people can conserve more energy and save more money using smart technologies like ours."

By connecting the Smart AC Control to the free tado° app, your iOS, Android, Windows smartphone instantly becomes a remote control for your AC - so you can change the temperature anytime and from anywhere, whether from the office or your couch. In addition, tado° uses geolocation to detect your proximity to home and adjust the temperature accordingly - so it’s comfortable the moment you arrive, but saves money and energy while you’re away. What’s more, you don’t have to teach tado° a thing. Because it responds to your location and not your habits, it works in real-time - easily adapting to any changes to your schedule or routine. The result: electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 40 percent.

The tado° Smart AC Control comes equipped with a range of features that can dramatically reduce your energy bills and environmental footprint:

  • Instant Remote Control: tado° works with all remote-controlled air conditioners, and controls them via infrared technology - just like the remote control for your TV.
  • Geolocation Technology: tado° automatically adjusts AC based on your smart phone’s location services feature. Your actual location remains private; tado° recognizes proximity, and controls the temperature accordingly.
  • A Smarter System That Adapts to You: Sick day? Change of plans? Doesn’t matter. tado° will adapt your AC’s behavior automatically, anytime - daytime, nighttime, and when nobody is at home.
  • Easy Setup: tado° connects to your home Wi-Fi - no additional device is needed. The tado° Smart AC Control is a small, slim unit with a capacitive touch surface and LED controls that can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table, and installed without wiring.
  • The Future of AC: Remote control AC is growing in popularity thanks to lower costs and better energy efficiency. Remote control units are quickly becoming the go-to choice for apartments, home extensions, and more - and you can use tado° to control all of them.

The tado° Smart AC Control is available for $199.00 at or as well as major retailers including Home Depot, Best Buy, and Brookstone. The app is free and can be downloaded from the App, Google Play, and Windows stores.

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About tado°

Headquartered in Munich, tado°, the European market leader in intelligent home climate control solutions, was founded in 2011. tado° revolutionises the way energy is consumed at home. Through the use of a geo-aware app, tado° automatically adjusts the temperature based on the residents’ locations, enabling households to significantly save on energy costs while reaching a higher level of comfort.

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