Be a pioneer in a new age of intelligent air conditioner control

Location based on/off

tado° automatically adjusts the air conditioner based on your location: cool before you get home, saving when you're away.

Control from anywhere

No matter where you are - on the train or at work - with the tado° app on your phone you always know what the temperature at home is, and you can easily change any setting.

Save money

Save up to 40% on your AC costs. tado° pays for itself in less than a year.

Works with any remote-controlled AC

The tado° Smart AC Control works with any remote-controlled air conditioner and controls them via IR - just like your old remote control.

How tado° connects to your air conditioner


The smartphone app lets tado° detect how far away you are from home and sets the temperature accordingly.


Connects your AC with the Internet and the app via your home Wifi. It’s capacitive touch surface and LED-display allow for quick changes of any setting.

Connection to AC

The Smart AC Control connects to your air conditioner via infrared, replacing your old remote control.

Available here:

Works with all remote-controlled ACs

Your AC has an infrared remote control? Perfect! Whether you own a split, portable or in-window unit, tado° will connect to it by replacing your old remote control.

In-window AC

Portable AC

Split / wall-hanging AC

The Smart AC Control is also available at the following online stores:

Control from anywhere

Want to quickly glimpse your home temperature or change a setting? Just open the app to monitor and change any setting while on the move. What a smart air conditioner!

Enjoy the comfort of pre-cooling

While you are approaching your home the tado° Smart AC Control starts pre-cooling so it's nice and comfy when you arrive - all through the use of your phone’s location. Just the thing for a hot summer day.

View tado° in action
  • Good morning!

    While you're still sleeping, tado° is already awake and cooling your home to your perfect morning temperature.

  • Off to work

    Today you are leaving a little earlier. But don't worry, tado° switches off the air conditioner no matter when you leave the house - automatically without you having to do anything. This will save you time, energy & money.

  • Your working day is done

    That's when tado° gets going. As soon as you're on your way home, tado° cools your home to the perfect temperature. This way you have it perfectly cool and ready for when you arrive home.

  • The tado° app

    The tado° app gives you full access to your settings – while on the move or from the couch. Change the AC mode, the temperature or the fan speed quickly and easily from the control panel.

Buy Smart AC Control - 179 USD

This box contains everything you need to make your AC smart. Just unbox and connect with your AC to start your summer with smarter cooling.

Want to control multiple air conditioners at home?
Not a problem. This feature will be available in a few weeks.

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