tadoº Multi-Room Control

Save energy, save money, and stay comfortable everywhere. With tadoº you can control the temperature in every room, heating different parts of your home at different times to fit your lifestyle.

Ultimate comfort in every room

tadoº Smart Thermostats let you set different climates for different parts of your home.

Save money and energy

Save money and energy

Only heat each room when you need to. No more universal heating, and no excessive spend.

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One easy-to-use app

One easy-to-use app

Set heating routines or change the temperature instantly, all via one easy-to-use mobile app.

Complete control

Complete control

With tadoº you take charge of your home heating, only using energy when and where you need it.

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Find the best setup for your home today to start saving energy and costs.

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How does tadoº Multi-Room Control work?

Conventional heating systems heat whole homes. tadoº Multi-Room Control uses multiple Smart Thermostats to regulate temperatures in individual rooms. Measuring devices in each room ensure the optimum temperature, activating heating only when it is required.

Why would I need tadoº Multi-Room Control?

Anyone can save money and energy with Multi-Room Control. Ask yourself; do I often travel, do I use some rooms more than others, do different members of my household have different preferences for temperature, do I want to save money on my heating bills? If the answer is yes to any of these, you need Multi-Room Control.

How do I use tadoº Multi-Room Control?

Use the tadoº app to control or set individual room temperatures. A simple slide bar in the app instantly instructs different Smart Radiator Thermostats to activate or deactivate to within 0.5º accuracy. Alternatively, use the app to set heating schedules for each room.