It’s time for smarter heating

Heating accounts for 60% of the average household’s energy bill. Nevertheless, ancient heating technology is often used for heating control. tado° replaces this with a new intelligent solution which helps you save energy and heating costs. It will pay for itself in under a year.

Your personal heating assistant.

tado° makes sure that no energy is wasted. With the help of the Smartphone App tado° automatically knows how far you are away from your home. tado° carefully reduces the temperature to an optimal level as soon as the last person has left home. It keeps in mind how to pre-warm the home most efficiently for your return. This cuts overall heating costs by up to 31%.

tado° gets to know your building

Do all buildings behave the same when it comes to heating? Far from it! Insulation, room sizes, windows and heating types all significantly affect how a building heats up. That's why tado° starts working out the most efficient way to heat your home from the moment you first turn it on.

tado° checks the weather forecast

tado° constantly monitors the weather forecast so it knows when it's best to let the sun warm your home. This saves more energy and keeps your room temperature at a comfortable level. Do you have underfloor heating? Then this is definitely a feature for you!

tado° takes care

Did your heating stop working over the summer without you noticing? Does the circulation pump need to be replaced? Now you can relax when the heating season starts. tado° Care is a free service to keep your heating system running smoothly and offer immediate help in case of malfunctions.
tado° Care at a glance:

  • Remote boiler check
  • Boiler error code notifications
  • Do-it-yourself repair instructions
  • Phone support
  • Referral for professional repairs

See how you save with the mobile app.

Keep an eye on how tado° is heating your home with the tado° mobile app - wherever you are. Take control if you like. Change the settings on the go or switch to manual mode - everything's just a few clicks away with our mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets.

Our report shows you when your heating was on and what triggered it. Want to know how much you spent on heating today? Our mobile app will tell you with just a swipe of your finger.

What does tado° cost?

Learn more: Savings & price of this smart heating control

Your day with tado°

  • 07:25

    While you're still sleeping, tado° is already awake and heating your home to the perfect morning temperature.

  • 08:17

    Today you are leaving a little earlier. But don't worry, tado° turns down the heat no matter when you leave the house - fully automatically without you having to do anything. This will save you time, energy & money.

  • 18:31

    Your working day is done - that's when tado° gets going. As soon as you're on your way home, tado° heats your home to the perfect temperature. This way you have it perfectly warm and ready for when you arrive home.

  • 23:10

    Time for bed - for tado° as well. But not before setting the heating to your ideal night time temperature.

Works with 95% of all heating systems

Underfloor heating

With tado° you can easily control your underfloor heating, even if you don’t have your own boiler (e.g. district heating).

Just get a Smart Thermostat Starter Kit for the first room. For any additional room you can add as many Additional Smart Thermostats as you wish and control all of them from one app.

tado° quickly learns about the special characteristics of your underfloor heating and uses the weather forecast for forward-looking regulation.

Smart Radiator Valves

You live in a house with district heating (without your own boiler) and regular radiators? In the future you will also be able to heat more intelligently - with tado° Smart Radiator Valves.

They will replace your existing radiator thermostats and allow you to control each room separately - centrally from one app and including the full tado° intelligence.

You can now pre-order to secure your spot in the waiting line!

In addition, we will give out some units to a group of beta users in Q1 2016. These will be selected randomly from all pre-orders.

You can either buy or rent (minimum rental of 12 months) the tado° Smart Radiator Valves - totally flexible.

Temperature control
As soon as the last resident has left home tado° lowers the temperature. As soon as any resident nears home tado° heats up.

App & Geolocation
With the help of the tado° app on the resident’s smartphones tado° detects how far they are away from home and sets the temperature accordingly. You can always see the temperature at home and change all of the settings in the app.


The Smart Thermostat
Connects your heating with the internet. The Smart Thermostat is connected to the heating system or replaces a wall thermostat.

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