Smart heating just got eXtra simple with tado° X

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  • tado° X, the company’s new full range of products, makes smart heating even more accessible to any household

  • Five new products are simpler to set up, simpler to use, simpler to connect to other devices in a smart home and simply reliable

  • tado° cuts heating costs and consumption by 22% on average without compromising on comfort

  • tado° X is future-proofed with Matter as well as Thread, which seamlessly brings greater range and more stable coverage while boosting the transition to renewable energy

  • X includes Heat Pump Optimizer X for greater control of heat pumps and the ability to maximize energy savings

Munich, 15.05.2024 – tado°, the European leader for home energy management solutions, today unveils its new range of products that bring simplicity to smart heating. 

tado° X has been designed to make Smart Thermostats and the new Heat Pump Optimizer X more accessible for millions more households across Europe to cut both their energy bills and impact on the climate.

tado° X is easier to set up, easy to use with its simple smart scheduling and other features that customers can simply set and forget, has an improved design that has already won an award, and offers greater radio range and coverage for larger properties with its Thread mesh network. 

The full range of new tado° X products are… 

  • Smart Thermostat X

  • Smart Radiator Thermostat X

  • Wireless Temperature Sensor X

  • Heat Pump Optimizer X

  • Bridge X (Thread border router)

As well as being simpler to use, tado° X combines all the award-winning energy management features the company is famous for with improved hardware that has adopted the Thread and Matter standards for seamless integration with other devices for a truly interoperable smart home. The X devices also have new displays for a better user experience, while the Smart Radiator Thermostat X comes with a battery that can be recharged by a USB-C cable for increased convenience. 

The new Heat Pump Optimizer X brings control and greater efficiency to heat pumps and when combined with tado°’s Balance subscription service and dynamic tariffs it can lead to increased savings. The Heat Pump Optimizer X also works with tado°’s Smart Radiator Thermostat X and Smart Thermostat X (for underfloor heating) to deliver even more efficiencies and give temperature control for individual rooms and zones.

tado° CPO and Co-founder Christian Deilmann said: “We are so proud to unveil our latest generation of products that are another step on our mission to make it simpler for millions of homes across Europe to decrease their energy consumption and bills without compromising on comfort.

“The innovations we have created in our tado° X products bring simplicity for smart heating to life. In the past Smart Thermostats were largely adopted by those focussed on smart tech but tado° X makes these devices more accessible to many more people and will have a bigger impact on bills and the renewable energy transition. 

“When you combine these new tado° X products with our award-winning software options Auto-Assist and Balance for Heat Pumps, our tado° hourly dynamic tariff and our Smart Charging App for Electric Vehicles, you are moving from the best smart heating options on the market to revolutionizing the energy management of your home in a way that is good for your wallet while also being good for the planet.”

Pricing and availability

tado° X launches in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark today (May 15). 

  • Smart Thermostat X with Bridge X Starter Kit – RRP €199.99

  • Smart Radiator Thermostat X with Bridge X Starter Kit – RRP €159.99

  • Smart Radiator Thermostat X – RRP €99.99 / Smart Radiator Thermostat X Quattro pack – RRP €369.99

  • Wireless Temperature Sensor X – RRP €99.99

  • Heat Pump Optimizer X – RRP €249.99

  • Bridge X – RRP €69.99

  • Smart Thermostat X – RRP €134.99

So how does tado° X work?

X works on the Thread protocol – offering a more stable mesh network than WiFi and with a greater range across larger homes. The tado° X range means that for the first time customers can buy the individual components that best suit their needs to build out a smart heating set-up. If they already have an active Thread mesh network through a compatible Thread border router (e.g. Apple Homepod Mini), they will not have to purchase the Bridge X Thread border router. However if they are starting their Thread mesh network from scratch, customers can purchase the Bridge X Thread border router as part of a starter kit. In either case, additional Bridge Xs can extend the range of their Thread mesh network in larger homes and make it more robust.

Matter is the new unified connectivity standard being adopted by more than 240 member companies, including Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, Ikea, Philips Hue and Somfy. It means Matter over Thread devices from different manufacturers can communicate with each other and tado° X products easily integrate with customers’ smart home ecosystem.

The tado° Smart Thermostat X, Smart Radiator Thermostat X and Wireless Temperature Sensor X work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home voice assistants. It has also already won an iF Design Award.

Smart Thermostat X

The Smart Thermostat X can replace traditional thermostats to control a boiler, a zone valve or underfloor heating rooms. The latter makes it the ideal companion for the Heat Pump Optimizer X to enable room level control in homes with heat pumps for improved efficiency. Smart Thermostat X is compatible with two types of heating interfaces: relay (on/off, mechanical) and Opentherm (digital). It can be used alone (with a Thread border router) or act as boiler controller in a setup with multiple Smart Radiator Thermostat Xs.

Smart Radiator Thermostat X

With the new innovative T-shape design that means it is more compact and an improved high-resolution touch display, Smart Radiator Thermostat X can bring heating control to each individual room in a house. It is easier to mount to most radiators with a thermostatic valve and is supplied with six adaptors and a selector for easy installation. Smart Radiator Thermostat X also now comes with an easily detachable battery pack that is recharged using a USB-C cable, saving on the hassle and expense of changing batteries as well as meaning the main housing does not need to be disconnected from the radiator. Smart Radiator Thermostat X also has a child lock.

Wireless Temperature Sensor X

Mirroring the design of the Smart Thermostat X, the Wireless Temperature Sensor X can be located anywhere in a room to provide a temperature reading from that spot to then set the heating behaviour. It can also be used for the central control of multiple Smart Radiator Thermostats X in one room (which is particularly useful if the radiators are located in inconvenient locations) and with the Heat Pump Optimizer X.

Heat Pump Optimizer X

Heat Pump Optimizer X excels through working with the main heat pump controller to allow customers to simply set smart scheduling for heating and hot water as well as manually adjust temperatures in the tado° app.

With the addition of Smart Radiator Thermostat X, it allows the individual control of the heating per room in homes with heat pumps – which is unique to tado°.

When used in conjunction with tado°’s Balance for Heat Pumps loadshifting service and dynamic energy tariffs (including tado° Energy in Germany and Austria), the Heat Pump Optimizer X can shift operation times of the Heat Pump to periods when electricity prices are lower each day. It applies to space heating and domestic hot water heating.

Heat Pump Optimizer X is compatible with the principal manufacturers in the European market: Atlantic, Vaillant, Saunier Duval and Fujitsu. Development for other brands will continue following the launch. It can also operate as a Thread border router to communicate with the other tado° X products and third-party Matter devices in a customer’s home.

The tado° eco-system

tado° X products may be new but the features customers have grown to know and love are still in place. tado° allows households to control temperatures from anywhere, anytime, via its smartphone app or by voice with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. Key skills include Smart Scheduling, Geofencing to turn down the heating when everyone is away, Open Window Detection and Air Comfort. All these features lead to energy savings, on average, of 22%[1] whilst cutting a home’s carbon footprint.

tado° X can also act as the gateway to tado°’s full range of energy management solutions that, through combining smart thermostats, app control and smart features, heat pump optimization and dynamic energy tariffs can save a home hundreds of Euros a year. tado° offers these solutions, as well as its Smart Charging App for electric vehicles and, in Germany and Austria, hourly dynamic electricity tariffs as well as photovoltaic feed-in tariffs for homes.

Compatibility with current tado° V3+ devices

Because tado° X is built on a completely new and different technical platform to V3+ and previous tado° generations, it is not compatible with these devices.


[1] Based on internal data on average of all tado° customers. Averages breakdown: Europe 22%, Germany 25%, Italy 22%, Spain 22%, Netherlands 21%, Belgium 22%, Denmark 25%

You can download high resolution product images on all of the new tado° X range here. Review devices are available by emailing your request to

You can visit our tado° webshop here

About tado°

tado° is a leading European provider of intelligent home energy management solutions. Founded in Munich in 2011, the company offers households one simple, easy-to-use platform to control their energy consumption and significantly reduce costs while also driving the green energy transition. 

tado°’s hardware, software and services deliver simple and efficient home climate management and heat pump control, intelligent electric vehicle charging, and dynamic energy tariff integration on one platform for maximum comfort and savings while automatically shifting electricity consumption to the cheapest and greenest hours of the day.

tado° currently employs more than 200 people from 45 countries and is the only open platform to provide industry-leading compatibility. In 2022, tado° acquired aWATTar, a pioneer in the field of dynamic energy tariffs, as part of its vision to offer a complete yet simple home energy management solutions package that reshapes the way energy is consumed for more comfort, savings, and in sync with nature.

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