A smart solution for every type of energy user: tado°

How are you handling rising energy prices? Is saving on energy bills your main concern? Or are you prioritising comfort and flexibility? Your potential savings naturally depend on your personal user behaviour. However, even the average tado° user is able to cut their energy consumption by 22%**. We'll show you how.

Which type of energy user are you?

Smart features help you to get the most out of tado°

Reduces your heating costs when you're not at home

tado° Geofencing detects when you leave your home and reminds you to turn down the heating.

Checks the weather forecast

tado° takes the weather into account. This means that, for example, it uses less energy when the sun is shining, since the room temperature will be higher.

Keeps you warm, where and when you need it

With tado° Multi-room Control, you can adjust the temperature in your rooms with just one click. Individually. That's energy efficient heating for you.

Helps you save energy while you ventilate your home

Open Window Detection reminds you to hit pause on your heating when you open a window.

Makes it easy to save on energy

Smart Schedule makes sure you're not wasting energy in any rooms that you're not currently using.

Save energy now with tado°

Whichever type of energy user you are – with tado° you can score the best possible energy savings. Get the perfect Starter Kit to match your home.

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*Based on the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics Study: "Dynamic simulation study to compare the energy demand of selected, typical homes with heating control with weather forecast and absence detection versus conventional heating control", 2022 (EER-021/2022/720).

**Based on internal data averaged across all tado° customers, collected up to 31/12/2021.