The transition to Smart Houses has begun. And, it appears that more and more equipment and gadgets are being developed to enable homeowners to improve their living space. One such device is the wireless room thermostat, which is becoming increasingly popular. 

The days of the dial thermostat mounted on the wall in the home seem to have faded away. They are now replaced with cutting-edge technologies such as a wireless smart thermostat taking their place. Is it, however, necessary? If you've been considering getting one of these devices or don’t know its significance, let us learn more about them here.


What is a wireless thermostat?

What is a wireless thermostat?

A wireless room thermostat is a digital thermostat that connects to the internet and allows you to control it remotely. You can do this using an app on your smart device, tablet, computer or smartphone.

One of the most significant advantages of a wireless thermostat is that it allows you to adjust the room temperature in your home. It will maximize your comfort by automatically regulating the temperature. So, you won't worry about coming home to a cold room or forgetting to turn off the heat.

How does a wireless thermostat work?

Digital thermostats, unlike their programmable versions, work by connecting to the internet. Thus, it allows you to have more remote control. The use of this technology eliminates the requirement for temperature displays and controllers on the wall.

Computers and mobile phones use the same network (local network, internet, etc.) to access the internet. As a result, you can quickly control the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Further, you can also set some of the programmable functions.

The latest remote thermostat can use your smartphone to track your GPS location and recognize when you are on the premises of your home. That means your smart thermostat can turn on and warm your house when you are nearby! You can also use information from the local weather prediction centre to change the room temperature when you are not at home.

These advanced features reduce the uncertainty and concern of forgetting to turn off or set your HVAC on vacation or leaving home for work.

The temperature reported in the app may be substantially higher than the actual room temperature. This is when you have large rooms or have your radiators covered. Also, the Smart Radiator Thermostat measures the temperature immediately beside the radiator. So, consider installing a wireless temperature sensor in a room that already has the Radiator Thermostat. This will enable you to adjust the target temperature accordingly.

Add-on – Wireless Temperature Sensor

Add a Wireless Temperature Sensor to measure the temperature more accurately and to control several radiators in a room with one device.

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How to install a smart wireless thermostat?

To install your tado˚ smart wireless room thermostat, here are a few steps that you need to follow.

1. Begin the installation assistant online.

Create an account on the tado° app by downloading it on your smartphone. With the app, scan the QR code. You will see that in your Starter Kit on the Wireless Smart Thermostat device.

2. Enter the details about your heating system.

To begin, you'll need to provide tado° with some information about your heating system through the app. This will offer you optimal guidance with the online installation. It will try to extract the appropriate instructions for connecting tado° to the heating system.

3. Check if your heater is switched off.

Turn off the power of your heating system at the fuse box to ensure a secure installation.

4. Remove your old thermostat.

You will need to remove your old thermostat and programmer for most heating systems. In exceptional circumstances, you might have to get access to your boiler wires to install tado°. 

5. Installation of tado° Wireless Thermostat

Install the tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat by following the instructions in your app. After you've completed the installation, you can turn the heating system back on.

It is recommended to install the tado° app for a smooth and safe installation. Ensure that each step is properly carried out.

Let tado° effectively heat your home. Install the smart room thermostat or Wireless Temperature Sensor in these locations: 

  • Most-used room of your home

  • Away from direct heat sources or air drafts

  • Around 1.5 m above the floor

  • At least 1 m away from the Internet-Bridge

Use the tado° stand if you don't want your Smart AC Control or wireless programmable thermostat to be fixed on the wall. With this, you can place your device on a table or other surface in the room.

How to connect a wireless thermostat to a boiler?

To connect a wireless thermostat to the boiler, ask the boiler engineer to wire your tado° devices. Your boiler engineer can use the Professional Installer Manual to properly wire and set up the devices.

If you want to connect your tado° Wireless Receiver/Extension Kit to your boiler on your own, go to your tado° app and carry out the following steps:

  • Go to Rooms & Devices in the Settings menu.

  • Choose the Wireless Receiver/Extension Kit, and

  • Then choose Installation Instructions.

  • Follow the boiler's specific Installation Instructions.

How to replace a wireless room thermostat?

To replace your current thermostat with a tado° wireless thermostat, please follow below steps:

  • Connect the internet bridge to your router via ethernet cable and power on the device using a USB cable. LED’s on the bridge will blink while connecting to the internet. Once the connection is established, LEDs will stay steady. Click the pairing button on the internet bridge to connect with other devices.

  • Now, activate and pair the wireless temperature sensor. For this, remove the battery slip from the back of the wireless sensor. Now, for 3 seconds, press the round button on the front face of the device to pair it with the internet bridge. Allow 2 minutes for the pairing. After successful pairing, a link symbol will appear.

  • In this step, let’s replace the old temperature sensor. To do so, shut off the power of your heating system and remove the existing thermostat. For ease of connections, tado provides compact splicing connectors to connect live wires to the thermostat. You can follow the instructions on the manual provided with the thermostat for more information on the connection.

  • It’s time to install the tadoº wireless receiver. Refer to the installation manual of your combi boiler to know the correct wires. Now, connect the correct wires to the tado wireless receiver. For your convenience, terminals of heating and hot water are clearly marked on the wireless receiver. Put its cover back and turn on the supply of the heating system.

  • It’s time to pair the wireless receiver. After turning on, the supply LEDs will blink. Now, wait for 30 seconds. Press the pairing button on the wireless receiver to initiate pairing. LEDs will become stable after successful pairing.

  • It is necessary to change the configuration. So, press the heating and hot water buttons on the wireless receiver together for 5 seconds. After the correct configuration, the power LED will turn green.

How can wireless thermostats make your life easier?

Standard programmable thermostats save energy only when properly programmed. The main benefit lies in the ability of a smart thermostat to capture a house's behaviours. 

With this, it regulates the necessary heating and cooling based on the occupancy of the home. When no one is home for a long time, the thermostat minimises the use of heating and cooling systems. Similarly, there are a range of such benefits that you can experience with tado˚ auto assist.

Benefits of Wireless Thermostat

A wireless smart thermostat comes with advanced capabilities. They  maintain your home energy efficiency and comfort without much of a hassle.

Here are a few ways in which a smart thermostat can help you.

It's simple to program

For maintaining a comfortable home, you should manually regulate a normal thermostat. But, a smart thermostat allows you to establish a routine. It automatically adjusts the HVAC to the desired level throughout the day.

Features of Weather Monitoring

Smart thermostats also can detect changes in the outside environment. Accordingly, it alters the temperature of the room. As a result, your home will always be welcoming. These capabilities can save you time since you will never have to worry about adjusting your thermostat temperature.

Remote access

You can regulate your home's temperature remotely using a smartphone app. That's because smart thermostats have internet access. 

Further, you can turn on the HVAC system on your way home from work or holiday. You may save electricity by adjusting your thermostat to switch on the system later if you are late.

Low Consumption of Energy

Smart radiator thermostats are ingenious devices. They can learn your heating and cooling routines. As a result, you do not have to make the same changes every day.

Smart thermostats work with smart home technology as well. You can take utmost advantage of this to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Pay attention to spoken commands

Voice command technology is compatible with some smart thermostats. That means you can modify the room temperature using voice commands rather than getting out of bed or accessing the app.

Wireless Programmable Thermostat

A wireless programmable thermostat is a gadget that regulates the heating system's functioning. The best wireless programmable thermostat outperforms the analogue thermostat. It outdoes in terms of flexibility, efficiency and accuracy. 

The demand for programmable thermostats continues to rise. More people have become mindful of environmental preservation and energy conservation.

You don't have to worry about the digital thermostat after you've programmed it. It will automatically heat your home according to the set schedule. So, it will eliminate the need to change the thermostat manually. Procedures for making temporary adjustments are similarly simple.

You wouldn’t have to reset the gadget. Simply press the "+" or "-" buttons on the front to increase or decrease the temperature settings momentarily. Some devices will save this temporary setting and resume the program once the timer has expired.

Starter Kit – Smart Thermostat

Make your central or underfloor heating smart. Save energy and maximize comfort. Available in two versions: Wireless and Wired.

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What to look for in a Wireless Thermostat Kit?

While buying a Wireless Thermostat Kit, ensure to look into these points:

  • Find out if it is compatible

  • Calculate the size of the house

  • Check if it can Learn, Automate, and Schedule

  • Know if has the ability to sense

  • Double check if it can save energy

You should think about a few things before getting a new Wi-Fi thermostat. It's important to be sure that the installed thermostat will meet both your home comfort and automation needs.

Thermostats aren't all made for the same purpose. They provide various levels of automation, types of sensors, and smart home ecosystem connections.

It's also important to ensure if it will work with your current heating and cooling system. Otherwise, you may have to return your Wi-Fi thermostat or upgrade your heating and cooling system.

Let us elaborate on the factors that will help you select the finest Wi-Fi thermostat for your needs.

Find out if it is compatible

The good news is that the majority of Wi-Fi thermostats work with a wide range of HVAC systems. However, it is still necessary to verify that the remote thermostat is compatible with your current HVAC system.

Additionally, not all heating and cooling systems can be regulated optimally by a thermostat. So, double-check before ordering the new Wi-Fi thermostat.

The simplest way to determine thermostat compatibility is to go to the manufacturer's site and look for your HVAC's unique make and model. Also, check the exact make and model of the Wi-Fi thermostat you're interested in.

Calculate the size of the house

Another major component that can influence the purchase of the Wi-Fi thermostat is the size of your home. You must ensure that it can support all areas that need to be monitored and managed in your home's temperature. 

Some Wi-Fi thermostats can connect wirelessly to remote room sensors. These sensors may be used to monitor temperature, moisture, and occupancy in various regions of your home.

This data is transferred to a smart thermostat. Next, it instructs the heating and cooling system to maintain the desired climate in specific areas.

Check if it can Learn, Automate, and Schedule

One of the key advantages of Wi-Fi thermostats is that they make your life easier by automating your home climate. When searching for a smart thermostat, be sure it provides the level of climate control and automation you demand.

The simplest method for easy control is to schedule your home's climate adjustments.

Most Wi-Fi thermostats should allow you to select unique temperatures for each day.

Know if has the ability to sense

For thermostats to be able to adjust to the environment across the whole home, remote temperature sensors are essential. They can be incorporated into the thermostat unit or placed in different zones of the house remotely.

The smart thermostat can detect the temperature, humidity, and whether the room is inhabited or vacant using those sensors. The Wi-Fi thermostat will then modify the heating and cooling system based on the information received.

Double check if it can save energy

Most basic Wi-Fi thermostats may be operated remotely. Certainly, it allows you to change the temperature before or after leaving your house. Thus, you save energy while letting it get turned off when unoccupied.

More modern temperature control units can memorize your climate preference patterns. Likewise, they can modify the climate automatically using machine-learning algorithms. Some of the devices can detect when no one is at home and cut energy consumption.

Why is tado° the best?

For those who want more control over their heating, the tado° smart remote thermostat is one of several choices. That’s because it connects to an app and allows you to control the temperature in your home remotely. 

Plus, it can assist in setting heating schedules, and monitor your energy consumption. However, when used to its full potential, the device can adjust temperatures room by room. That is to say, it can turn off the heat if a window is left open, alert you to heating system problems, etc.

Choosing tado° is an ideal option because:
  • The tado˚ app allows you to control your heating and air conditioning from anywhere at any time.

  • Compatible with all common heating systems and most radiators, air conditioners, and heat pumps.

  • Has a solution for every home, from single radiator management to multi-room installations.

  • Provides you with a new degree of control over your central heating system as well as valuable information about its condition.

  • Identifies open windows, and takes weather predictions into account. It also assists you in adjusting the temperature based on location. You may also establish heating and cooling routines to fit your schedule using tado°.

  • App provides information on your home's temperature and humidity. It gives you tips on how to keep your home's air clean.

  • The tado° devices and apps are constantly evolving. This assures that you have access to the most recent version at all times.

What Else Do Smart Thermostats Work With?

tado°'s range of Smart Thermostats is voice-compatible with most virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google, IFTTT and other apps. Maintaining the temperature of your home with your smart speaker is now a simple and hands-free experience. Indeed it automates and streamlines your life. Simultaneously, it also customizes the temperature according to your needs. All you have to do is ask your voice assistant to turn up or turn off your central heating by a few levels.

Setting up a smart thermostat with any virtual assistant comes with an added advantage. It allows you to control the temperature simply by giving a voice command.

How does tado° work with Apple HomeKit?

HomeKit typically only allows you to use your iOS devices to control HomeKit-enabled items. You can do it when you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

There is a list of features that both HomeKit and tado° do for you. For example, it controls individual rooms. Further, it can also make changes between °C and °F, add automation and measure humidity.

Note: Like IFTTT, you cannot control hot water with HomeKit.

How does tado° work with Google Home?

Google Home uses cloud-to-cloud communication. Hence, in order to communicate with your tado° devices via Google Home, you must constantly have an active internet connection.

To use Google Home to control tado° devices, you must first add the tado° app to the Google Home App. You can do it by choosing "Home control" from the menu.

You can check the following list of voice commands. You can use them to give commands to Google Home to control your tado°.

  • “Ok Google, turn on the living room.”

  • “Ok Google, what's the bedroom set to?”

  • “Ok Google, turn off all thermostats.”

  • “Ok Google, decrease the temperature in the bedroom by 2 degrees.”

How does tado° work with Amazon Alexa?

To use Amazon Alexa to control tado° devices, you must first add the tado° Skill to the Amazon Alexa mobile or online app.

If your tado° account has Hot Water Control activated, you can use Amazon Alexa to regulate your hot water.

Alexa's abilities are always evolving. You can check out the following voice commands to control your tado° device with Alexa.

  • “Alexa, decrease the temperature in the bedroom by 2 degrees.”

  • “Alexa, what's the guest room set to?”

  • “Alexa, make it 2 degrees colder in the basement.”

  • “Alexa, what's the temperature in the dining room?”

How does tado° work with IFTTT?

When you use IFTTT (If This Then That) to modify a setting on a tado° product, it's considered as if it were a manual input on the device. This indicates that your tado° has switched to Manual Control mode. 

There are many such IFTTT services that tado° digital thermostat offers. For instance, it provides heating service, hot water service, and air conditioning.

Note: To use IFTTT to control tado° devices, you must first add the tado° service to the IFTTT mobile or web app.

Is it possible to make manual changes to tado°?

Yes, you can manually adjust the temperature on your tado° devices.

When you try to increase or decrease the temperature on your own, tado° switches to Manual Control. Next, it disables the Smart Schedule for the period you specify.


With a Wi-Fi connection, most homes with current HVAC systems can update to a smart thermostat. However, there are various types of heating and cooling systems. Thus, it's a good idea to double-check compatibility before buying a smart thermostat.

Give your home a smart update with tado° smart heating devices and live a comfortable life.