New: the Smart Thermostat Black Edition

Did you know? Smart Thermostats are now available in classic white or striking black to suit your taste and interior design. The quality and functions remain the same. Available as both wired and wireless versions.

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Immediate support with rising energy prices

With tado°, you only heat when and where you want to, and you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 31%*, as proven by scientists. It's never been easier to heat smart.

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*Based on the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP from the "Simulation Study on Energy Saving Potential of a Heating Control with Absence Detection and Weather Forecast", IBP Report 527 (2013).

Save energy now with tadoº

tado° works with your heating too.
Find the perfect Smart Thermostat for your home now.

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tado° can speak to smart systems

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tado° can speak to smart systems


tado° can speak to smart systems


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