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Easy to install – with the help of the tado° app

See for yourself just how simple it is to install tado°.

Smart Radiator Thermostat X

Smart Radiator Thermostat X

Remove your existing radiator thermostats and install new smart ones. It's as simple as that!

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Smart Thermostat X

Smart Thermostat X

Replace your existing wired wall thermostats with our smart ones – it won’t take a second!

Heat Pump Optimizer X

Heat Pump Optimizer X

You'll be done in no time thanks to the app: connecting to your heat pump couldn't be simpler.

Smart AC control

Smart AC control

It’s just as quick to start using smart technology with your air conditioning system. See for yourself!


What tools do I need to install my product?

You won’t need any tools to install the Smart Radiator Thermostat X, Bridge X, or Wireless Temperature Sensor X. You will need a screwdriver for the Smart Thermostat X, Heat Pump Optimizer, or if you’d like to mount a Wireless Temperature Sensor to a wall.

How do I install my product using the app?

The app guides you through the entire installation process with step-by-step instructions tailored to the exact heating devices in your current system. Your first step is to install the Bridge X, which acts as the central hub for all of your devices. Simply plug the Bridge X into a wall socket, and follow the app’s instructions to connect the Bridge to your network. After that, you can start scanning the QR codes for your other tado° devices and adding them to your tado° Home. The app offers installation instructions for each device.

Do I need to be connected to the internet when installing tado°?

You will need to be connected to the internet to access installation instructions in the tado° app that are specific to your heating system, and to make sure that your devices can connect to the cloud. Once the installation process is complete, your devices can use Thread to stay synched to your schedules even if they lose internet connection.

What should I do with my old thermostat?

Once you’ve replaced your old thermostat with tado°, you won’t need it anymore. However, if you ever decide to move and take your tado° devices with you, you may need to reinstall your old thermostat. If your old thermostat is broken, you can send it to a recycling centre for electronics.

How do Matter and Thread come into play when I’m installing my Smart Thermostat?

Matter is a connectivity standard that includes Thread, the technology that allows your tado° devices to connect to each other and the cloud. Thread enables your devices to function normally even if you lose internet connection. During the installation process, you need to first install the Bridge X, which is a Thread Border Router that acts as the central hub for all of your devices. You do not need a Bridge X if you already own a compatible Thread-enabled home hub or a Heat Pump Optimizer X. But you can always add a Bridge X to your home to act as a range extender for your Thread network. To add tado° devices to your app, simply scan the QR code on the device and follow the installation instructions in the app. You can also manage tado° devices from other Matter-enabled apps like Apple Home.

Can I install tado° myself?

Yes! Our customers consistently confirm that our products are very easy to install.

I would prefer to hire a professional to do the installing – is that possible?

Yes. We provide an installation manual and an app specifically aimed at professional installation experts. This means they’ll know exactly how to put your tado° system together for you.

Can I still install tado° if I’m renting?

Yes. You can use tado° to control any of the thermostats or radiators you have in your home, regardless of whether you have access to the central boiler or other heating system. Just remember to keep your original devices after replacing them with tado°, in case you move and need to return them to the owner.

What happens when I move out?

If you move out, you can take your tado° devices with you and reinstall them in your new home. You can access the installation instructions for your devices at any time through the app, and you can generate new instructions specifically tailored to the heating system in your new home.

Installing tado° V3+ products

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Installing tado° V3+

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