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What we offer to professional installers:

Technical Training
Get full technical training on tado°’s technology and on our new & easy, computer-free professional installation process.

Sales tools
Sell tado° with every heating system you install with the support of our flyers, brochures and website collateral.

Professional Discounts
Benefit from installer prices on all tado° products in our tado° Installer online shop.

Installer Support
Direct access to our dedicated technical and sales support team via the Installer Hotline.

tado° at a glance

Saves up to 31% on heating costs

Easy to use and increased comfort

Intelligent Control Technology

Geolocation-based heating control via the tado° App

Weather forecasts integration

Building characteristics integration (e.g. insulation, heating type)

Unique User Experience

Makes life easier with fully automated heating control

Elegant and modern design

Transparency of energy consumption through reports

Technical Facts

Simple and quick IT-free installation process

For relay, analogue and digital controlled heating systems

Compatible with all manufacturers: Worcester, Baxi, Vaillant, Potterton, Ideal...

Hot water control

Wired and wireless thermostat in one

German technology, ISO 14001 certified


How do I become a tado° Installer?
Registration as a tado° Installer is free, quick and easy. Simply click "Sign up" on the top of the page, and specifiy whether you are a Gas Engineer, Electrician or Solar Installer. You can then access our Installer Portal, where you will find training material and support, sales material and professional offers & discounts.
Which heating systems are compatible with tado°?
tado° has the highest compatibility rate of all thermostats on the market. tado° is 100% compatible with single and dual relay controlled heating systems, but it can also connect with most analogue and digital heating systems. We have extensive experience with more than 300 heating manufacturers worldwide including Worcester, Potterton, Vaillant, Danfoss, Baxi, Ideal, British Gas, Honeywell, Saunier Duval, Vokera, Glow Worm, Drayton and many more.
How does tado° differ from other thermostats?
Conventional heating control systems regulate the temperature based solely on local measurements - indoor or outdoor air temperature - as well as time schedules. However, these systems can neither react to periods of user presence or absence that have not been programmed, nor take the climatic conditions for the coming hours into account. tado°’s smart technology on the other hand uses the geolocation feature on the App to adapt automatically to the user’s location, and takes into account the local weather forecasts and the user’s building characteristics to heat up most effectively. As a result, the heating is only on when it needs to be.
How does the installation process work for professional installers?
tado° offers a new and easy installation process dedicated to professional installers. The installation is completely computer-free and does not require any IT knowledge. For full details please consult our training section after the installer login, as well as the Installation Instructions provided in each tado° Installer Smart Thermostat box. If you have any technical questions concerning the installation, please call our Installer Hotline: our tado° dedicated support team will be more than happy to assist you.
How does the geolocation feature work?
tado°’s intelligent algorithm calculates the optimum temperature to save the most energy and money when all residents are away. tado° is able to detect the position of the residents´ smartphones, using three different methods - mobile network triangulation, wifi and occasionally GPS. Using this data, tado° calculates each resident’s estimated time of arrival at home, based on their distance from home and their speed (car, bicycle, on foot etc). tado° will then control the heating accordingly, taking into account the chosen level of comfort vs savings.
Does installing tado° affect the guarantee of my customer’s heating system?
The simple answer is: no, it doesn’t! Installing tado° does not have any impact on the legal guarantee of a heating system. In the UK the legal guarantee provided by the seller protects consumers against faultiness of their boiler or heating systems, which is not linked to tado° in any way.

In some instances heating manufacturers also offer extended warranties under certain conditions. However, these generally cover the boiler exclusively or certain components of the heating system as opposed to the system as a whole. Replacing an existing thermostat with a third party thermostat such as tado° does not generally affect the extended guarantee. Please consult your manufacturer’s extended guarantee Terms and Conditions for further detail.
Which type of heating system works with tado°?
tado° works with all types of heating systems, regardless of the energy source (gas, oil, etc). It does not matter what type of system your client has: combi system, heat-only boilers, conventional or condensing boilers, hydronic underfloor systems, heat pumps etc, tado° can work with all of them.
Where is tado° manufactured?
tado°’s technology is developed and designed in Munich, Germany, and is produced in Europe. Our products comply with the highest quality, health, safety and environmental standards. tado° has the following certifications: BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
How does tado° ensure the security and protection of customer data?
Ensuring data security and data protection is our top priority. tado° does not know exactly where users are - it merely calculates how far they are from home. This data is then analysed anonymously and encrypted before being transferred to control the heating. Once this is done, the data is deleted immediately. To transfer the data, tado° uses the latest security technology, which meets the current online banking standard. All data is made anonymous wherever possible.

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